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The Student Council began its work in 2010. There were only 7-10 students. Their number is increasing now.

The Student Council pioneers

The work of the Student Council is guided by the law of Ukraine, decisions of the specially authorized central executive authority in the field of education and science, the relevant central executive body. Student self-government aims to create conditions for self-fulfillment of the student, to reveal management and leadership qualities, responsibility for the outcome of their work and etc.

The objectives of the Student Council are:

  • – rights and interests protection;
  • – support on fulfilling students’ duties;
  • – we promote to make the most of learning, scientific and research activities;
  • – we promote forming of students’ moral and ethical standards, patriotism;
  • – healthy way of life and learning environment;
  • – we can assist with personal matters concerning living conditions and leisure time;
  • – support on setting up of various student clubs, societies, associations and etc;
  • –we work together with other teams of Student council from different universities;
  • – student exchange programme advice;
  • -we encourage to participate in a state youth policy;
  • – jointly with relevant agencies of higher education institutions we provide psychological, financial, legal assistance to our students;
  • –representatives in all structural bodies at the university;
  • – we encourage students to participate in public work ;
  • – control over observing the internal regulations;
  • – participation in scholarship committee;
  • –arranging and coordinating the work of the student self-government at the hostel and campuses;
  • –collaboration with tutors, governors and staff at CSTU;

Ideas and decisions of the Student Council are submitted to the administration of CSTU.

The Student Council aims to arrange leisure pursuits of the students. “ Freshman Initiation” is held at the summer camp “Youth” every year.

Summer camp “Youth”
Annual “Freshman Initiation”

Anyone is welcome at our camp

Student Council and our deans

The Student Council carefully monitors the students’ living conditions.

Discussions concerning the problem of student hostel

In 2010 Chernihiv State Technological University celebrated 50th anniversary. On this occasion the university hospitably welcomed veterans of the institution, graduates of past years, everyone whose life was associated with CSTU. Dignataries, heads of our city and region paid a visit to the university.

Deputy Minister of Education of Ukraine Yevhen Sulima speaks
Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Pinchuk
Chernihiv region Governor Vladimir Khomenko and our students
Mayor Olexander Sokolov gives awards
Honorable guests

In autumn 2010 ex-president Leonid Kuchma paid his visit to the university

Leonid Kuchma and Student Council
Leonid Kuchma awarded grants to the students

Contest “Pride of the university”

“Pride of the university 2010”

50 best students, sportsmen, artists, university scientists received numerous diplomas and prizes.

Our students and rector of the university PhD, professor Shkarlet S. M. have a regular meeting to strengthen relationships between the university governors and the students. Everyone having any questions or ideas can come up to the meeting.

Rector CHSTU prof., PhD., Shkarlet S. M. answers the students’ questions Students’ and the rector’s of CHSTU meeting
On the initiative of students council there is a fun club “Mafia” in our University.

By join efforts of university administration, students council “Studrada” and activists the real Viennese ball was held at the University in winter, where students as well teachers took an active part in it.

Annually the competition among the KVN teams is held in University, which is devoted to “All Fools Day”.

The Rectors cup of CHSTU 2011

There is another tradition, which is held annually at the University is the competition “Miss University”, where the most beautiful, the cleverest and the most active girls take part in it.

Miss CHSTU 2011.

Every student can appeal to “Studrada” (students council) with the suggestions, ideas and wishes.

We are always glad to see you!

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