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The chair of social work has been functioning since 2006 -2007 educational year.

The first curriculums of the specialty “Social Work” were made up in cooperation with the teachers of Swedish University (city Estersund) and the National University “Kiev Mohyla Academy”

The scientific research activity of the chair is connected with working out the  themes concerning the improving of  the ways and conditions of forming professional competence of social workers  and investigating the current situation and problems of social and  pedagogical activity in Ukraine and in the world.

The chair of Social Work organizes and conducts national and international  conferences, scientific research seminars. (There have been about ten of them for the last three years)

The chair cooperates with the Laboratory of Social Psychology of the Institute of Psychology named after H.S.Kostyuk NAPS of Ukraine , the chairs of social pedagogics,  social and practical psychology of Chernihiv National Pedagogical University named after T.H.Shevchenko, the Academy of Labour and different social and public  organizations.