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Chernihiv National University of Technology, according to the law “n Higher Education”, offers the following degrees: Bachelor and Master.

Bachelor’s degree – is an academic degree of higher education of a person, who on the basis of secondary education, gained basic higher education, special skills and knowledge of specific work, sufficient for the tasks and responsibilities of a certain professional activities aimed on positions in a certain kind of economic activity.

Term of study for full-time students – 4 years.

For those who have a diploma of junior specialist in accordance with the specialty of Bachelor’s degree the term of study may be reduced to 1 – 2 years, on the basis of individual curriculum.

Master’s degree – is an academic degree of a person who on the basis of Bachelor’s degree gained a higher education, special skills and knowledge sufficient to perform professional tasks and responsibilities of the innovative character of a certain level of professional activity that is provided for initial position in a certain kind of economic activity.

Training Masters is aimed at creating conditions for creative development of the gifted individuals and specialists training in one of the functional directions.

The term of study for Master’s degree (1-1,5 years for full-time study) is defined by the program of training.

The enrollment of university students to each degree is accomplished on a competitive basis according to the results of academic and scientific achievements (integrated rating).

Those who have obtained Bachelor’s degree in other educational institutions (including universities accredited by private ownership) may be enrolled on Master’s degree program on a competitive basis for the vacant positions on the state budget ground or by entities of juridical and physical persons on the results of entrance examinations.