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Scientific developments

New Technology of Anhydrous Lanolin Manufacturing
The technology and equipment for lanolin manufacturing has been developed. A pilot lanolin manufacturing has been organized.
Manufacturing Technology of Traveller and Yarn Rings from Sintered Powder Materials
The technology allows manufacturing rings for draw twisters from powder metal materials. A pilot manufacturing has been organized.
UA Cryptophone. Protection and convenience of communicating in GSM network
(jointly with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)
Cryptophone excludes the possibility to intercept text messages and voice conversations when using standard mobile phone services.
Electronic voting system Mobile-RADA
Automation of deputies’ work during sessions with the help of a tablet computer.
New technology of non-metal materials welding
The technology allows to produce nodes of semiconductor devices of silicon-glass-silicon and silicon-glass type using electrostatic field of high voltage.
Сontrol system of the electron-beam welding machine
(jointly with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)
CORROSION INHIBITORS based on environmentally friendly raw materials of plant origin
Inhibitors slow down corrosion processes of steel structures in aqueous media of various aggressiveness and have biocidal properties
GSM-loggers are used to obtain current data from devices through the GSM cellular channel or via the Internet
New technology of carbide welding
The technology allows to produce cutting and drilling tools equipped with carbide plates.
New method of precision welding of aluminum and its alloys
The method provides the production of precision connections by diffusion welding from aluminum and its alloys based on the usage of transitional layer consisted of sodium silicate, hydrogen chloride and finely divide magnum powder.
New method of precision electrical contact spot welding
The method provides the developing of precision connections by spot welding using transitional multilayered layers from welding material.
Regulated radial hydrostaticaldinamic bearing
New construction of spindle regulated radial hydrostaticaldinamic bering provides the reducing of the loss of capacity (no more than 10% from the capacity of cutting) under the high speeded machining.