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Name of priority and direction according to the code MDFR, LU * Name and code of priority thematic direction of university Name of research school, full name of the scientific head, scientific title, scientific degree Type and the name
of the modern equipment used in research works or working out activity on the declared themes
1.6.1. Metal Building Materials of structureforming treatment and junctions.(welding) Metal construction materials, PhD in Sciences, prof. Kharchenko G.K. Auger mikrozond, JAMP-9500F firm «JEON Ltd»
4.1 Economic Sciences 4.1.5. Economy of an Enterprise and Production Management Economy of an Enterprise and Production Management, PhD in Economics Shkarlet S.M. AWP manager MathCad, Project Expert, MS Project

7.5. New computer aids and technologies in computerisation of the society 7.5.1. Informatics and Cybernetics Information Technology, PhD in Sciences prof. Kazymyr V.V. FPGA Xilinx, DSP processor TMS 20C40, neuroprocessor Samsung NM 6430, Philips LPC2148 microcontroller
7.6. New technologies and resource saving technologies in energy, industry and agriculture 7.6.1. Energy and Energy saving Physical and technical problems of energy, PhD in Sciences, prof. Denysov Y.O. Digital oscilloscope firm “Tekstronik”, FPGA companies “Altera”