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The state program of Armed Forces of Ukraine introduced a fundamentally new form of military duty - free-will service in the military reserve. The training must provide the formation of military training resources to meet the needs of the Armed Forces.

The fact that one of the main conditions of employment of candidates to law enforcement agencies, departments of Ukraine, is the presence of the officer ranks.

Following the above in 2002 at the Chernihiv State Technological University )presently, Chernihiv National University of Technology) students organized training program for reserve officers.

At the moment the department operates under a contract with the Sumy State University, namely the military faculty of SSU, established on the basis of the Military Institute of Missile Forces and Artillery.

Military training is conducted according to the training program for reserve officers under license financed by individuals or entities established by accounts of military specialties involving teaching staff and educational-material base of Chernihiv National University of Technology, Sumy State University and the Ministry of Defence.

Lenghth of full-time course is 3 – 4 years for both male and female students.

Training of military specialists will cover the following qualifications:

arm deployment of military units and subunits of the autonomous artillery,
arm deployment of artillery intelligence

About 50% of teaching staff have had experience and participation in UN peacekeeping missions. It provides training of future officers at a high scientific and methodological level.

After graduating from the military department, students are offered a trainee work, take a state exam and receive the rank of Junior Lieutenant

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