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The chair of humanitarian disciplines is a structural subdivision of social work faculty.  The teachers of the chair are also engaged in the educational process at the Law faculty and the faculty of labour and social management. The substantial, educational and methodical work is done by the Chair.

The particularity of the Chair is attention accentuation on students’ upbringing as the creative and active personalities. That’s why a creative studio “Haudeamus” (a leader I.H. Karpova)organize different thematic activities.

At the present moment  a doctor of philosophy, a professor  V. A. Lichkovakh, a candidate of philosophy, Ph. D.  T.V. Andriychuk, a candidate of pedagogical sciences I. H. Karpova, a senior teacher R. I.  Yevdokimenko, a senior teacher M. V. Mamonenkova, a senior teacher V.M. Babakova, a senior teacher K. V. Sichova are working at the Chair. N. A. Yemets is a head of the Chair.