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There are following forms of study in Chernihiv National University of Technology:

  • Full-time (day-time);
  • Part-time, distance.

Terms of study on the appropriate form are determined by the possibilities of realization of educational and vocational training program (EVTP) of specialists’ definite academic degree.

Full-time study – is basic form, where educational service is carried out through direct interaction of teachers and students in day and evening forms of study.

Part-time study – is a form of obtaining a certain level of education for those, who are employed. This form of study is primarily for those, who work in the sphere of future specialty. To sustain training in the period between exams students rely on independent work to master the curriculum.

Distance form of study – is an implementation of part-time learning on the basis of computer and telecommunication technologies.
Part-time study on a definite specialty can be recognized if:

  • Specialty is accredited by the appropriate level;
  • Full-time study of this specialty is also available (except specialties of specific categories);
  • Necessary educational, methodological, informational, financial and technical facilities are provided for this study.

Setting up part-time study of a particular specialty is executed by the decision of the Scientific Council of the University on the basis of Methodical Council’s recommendation under condition of the relevant information and methodological support of study.