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International project under the ERASMUS + program "Development of higher education potential", direction KA2: Cooperation projects

"Development of practice-oriented student-centered education in the field of modeling of cyber-physical systems"
project number: 609557-EPP-1-2019-1-LV-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

The project implementation period is 2019-2022

Cyberphysical systems (CFS) are electronic components and software that interact with their environment and provide the ability to experience, analyze, and control physical devices and processes in a variety of applications. CFS is able to provide cross-system solutions to reduce time to market, providing significant economic benefits, providing growth in industries important for economic competitiveness and stimulating innovation to achieve a "new digital transformation".

The project aims to introduce new practice-oriented training programs in mathematical and simulation modeling of CFS for physical, mathematical and engineering areas of training. The project envisages close cooperation between the Free Economic Zone and professional associations, high-tech companies and research institutions of Ukraine, taking into account the needs of the labor market.

The main results of the project include:

  • development, implementation and accreditation of new curricula for bachelor's and master's levels of training based on the Bologna process;
  • development of didactic materials (e-books, manuals for laboratory works, lecture notes, etc.) in English and Ukrainian;
  • creation of a modern infrastructure based on ICT in the form of virtual laboratories and an innovative environment with shared access to the electronic library and software platform for modeling CFS for teaching, learning and training;
  • development of methodological bases and innovative approaches to the use of ICT in the process of teaching and learning: flexible learning, blended courses, virtual and real mobility, innovative technical support;
  • training of highly qualified teaching staff with modern educational technologies and focused on the needs of universities, cooperation with a network of enterprises interested in specialists in mathematical and simulation modeling of CFS.

ChNTU provides:

  • introduction of a new educational program at the master's level of training "Computer Engineering and Industrial Automation"
  • development of 5 new master's courses:
    • Model-oriented management in digital production
    • Programming of automation systems
    • Modeling and measurement of physical processes in robotics
    • Design and modeling of power electronics components
    • Simulation modeling of the production environment
  • improvement of two bachelor's courses
    • Introduction to electronic systems
    • Development of electromechanical robotic systems
  • creation of a new laboratory
  • writing an e-book "Model-oriented management in intelligent production systems".

The long-term impact of CybPhys will increase the competitiveness of free economic zones, research institutions and industrial enterprises of Ukraine at the international level.

The project team includes:

  • project coordinator - doctor of technical sciences, professor Volodymyr Kazymyr, professor of the Department of Information and Computer Systems
  • responsible executors:
    • Doctor of economic sciences, professor Serhiy Shkarlet, rector
    • Doctor of technical sciences, associate professor Serhiy Zaitsev, professor of the Department of Information and Computer Systems
    • Ph.D., associate professor Serhiy Ivanets, director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Electronic and Information Technologies
    • Ph.D., associate professor Olexander Veligorsky, head of the department of Biomedical Radio-Electronic Devices and Systems
    • Ph.D., associate professor Anatoliy Prystupa, head of the Department of Information and Measurement Technologies, Metrology and Physics
    • Ph.D., associate professor Volodymyr Voitenko, associate professor he Department of of Electronics, Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics
  • performers:
    • Iryna Yakymenko, Ph.D. student of the Department of Information and Computer Systems
    • Oleg Loginov, Ph.D. student of the Department of Information and Computer Systems
    • Olexander Khropaty, Ph.D. student of the Department of Information and Computer Systems
  • financial manager
    • Natalia Gaidai, chief accountant.