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Information and Computer Systems Department of Chernihiv State Technological University provides training of bachelors in “Computer Engineering” and masters in “Computer Systems and Networks”, “System Programming”, “Special-Purpose Computer Systems”.

The laboratory of VoIP

Nowadays more than 500 students and 8 post-graduate students are trained at the department, more than 30 highly qualified teachers including 5 PhDs, professors and 10 PhDs, associate professors work here. The department is headed by Kazymyr Volodymyr Viktorovych, PhD in Sciences, professor, State Prize winner in the field of science and engineering.

In the last five years the teachers published more than 50 learning instructions, issued 4 monographs, 4 teaching aids (with the stamp of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine), published more than 300 research papers.

Laboratory resources of the department consist of 14 training-research laboratories providing fulfilment of the syllabus and carrying out scientific-research works. Each laboratory has its own local network which can be connected to all-university computer network and has Internet access via high-speed radio channel, optic fibre and satellite channels. Such hardware is unique for Ukraine.

Scientific-research work is actively carried out at the department. Much of the studies is realized with National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and a branch of the department successfully functions at the Institute of Problems of Mathematical Machines and Systems NAS of Ukraine. Among the most weighty developments of the department – designing of special-purpose computer systems in different areas of national economy: control systems of electron-emitting welding units, high-quality digital fluid flowmeters and ultrasound distance meters, computerized control unit of centralized heating supply systems and digital processing of signals in radar systems, information protector for telecommunications networks.

Over the years students of the department take prize-winning places both personally and as a team at all-Ukrainian and international competitions on system programming, microprocessor system programming.

International achievements of the department worth mentioning as well. Together with departments of London Royal College (Great Britain), Münster University of Technology (Germany), Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy the department won and then successfully implemented the grant of European Union – “Modernisation of Ukrainian Sillabus in Team-work of Programs”. The aim of this grant is to impart skills of team-working over program projects to the students.

Any graduate of the department can work as:

  • - a system analyst;
  • - a design engineer of: computer systems, local and global computer networks, specialised and embedded computer systems, databases and knowledge bases;
  • - a systems programmer – an expert in design, generation and administration of system software of computer systems and networks;
  • - an application programmer - an expert in design and maintenance of application program systems;
  • - an Internet-technologies and Web-design engineer; an access administrator to databases and knowledge bases;
  • - an administrator of: computer systems and networks, databases and knowledge bases;
  • - a head of IT department;
  • - a head of information security department.

Junior students are having their practical class

The department trains specialists that are able to solve in a proper manner different problems of computerization. A number of graduates of the department work successfully not only in Chernihiv, but also in other cities of Ukraine, first of all in Kyiv. Furthermore our graduates work successfully abroad – in such countries as Russia, the USA, Germany, England and others. Among the graduates of the department there are senior employees of such companies as Microsoft, Intel, General Electric and others.

Ten graduates of the department completed post-graduate course and got a scientific degree of PhD in Sciences.

Our graduates created a lot of high-tech businesses, particularly in the native city Chernihiv.

The most famous and powerful among them are: Research Institute of Radar Systems, the enterprise “Techno+”, groups of companies “Time XXI” and «SoftIndustry», scientific production firm “РегМік”, “PortaONE-Chernihiv” LTD, “FastGate Research Co.”, enterprises “AtomPark Software JSC”, “WebProduction” and others. The priority direction of further work of the department is the improvement of organizational, educational, research activities and training of highly qualified research and teaching staff.