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Reading hall

The Library was founded in 1960 as bibliography and information services for students and lecturers of Chernihiv technical faculty of Kyiv Polytechnical Institute. We hold about 296 thousand books, brochures, journals and newspaper titles and e-sources of information.

We established automatic library-info system„UFD/library”in 2002. Online catalogues can be found on this website: и: http://predator.stu/page_lib.php/ and http://library.stu// , websites of Ukrainian public libraries and publishers.

We created favourable opportunities for learning and carring out research work at Chernihiv National University of Technology. It enables our students and all readers to promote harmonious progression on gaining professionalism.

Бібліотека ЧДТУ
A wide range of educational literature is available to our students


14027, Chernihiv
Shevchenko street,95
tel. 3-03-30

Our opening times are:

Daily з 9.00 до 19.00
Saturday з 9.00до 17.00
Sunday – closed
з 13.15 до 14.00

Library Departments:

The Library’s Student Service: :
Entrance hall, room 136
tel – 166
Literature can be borrowed to all readers.
Reading Hall:
Entrance hall, room137
tel – 166
We hold single and few-published editions as well as minimum of multi-published ones from all educational fields
The hall offers internet access to library catalogues.
Research and Periodic Editions:
Campus 4, room. 24
Tel – 165
Reading hall and visitor desk. Access to home and foreign periodic editions, research lecturers’ projects.
Lecturers’ Reading Hall::
Entrance hall, room .138
tel – 167
Teaching staff services. Consultancy on all Ukrainian and world sources of information concerning educational literature.
Fiction Literature Services:
Entrance hall, room.135
Working hours:10 -12
Interlibrary Services::
Entrance hall, room.137
tel – 166
Access to editions from different local libraries.
Information-bibliography Department:
Entrance hall, room.138
tel – 167
It is engaged in forming the bank of encyclopedias, vocabularies, directory books, journals and making data analysis. Search information for students.
Scientific Document Processing Department:
Campus 4, room 24
tel – 168
Technical Processing of books.

Reader’s Services:


Alphabetic: names of authors and publications
Methodical: Different areas of knowledge.
Electronic base of data: over 40 000 descriptions of articles and chapters of books
Card index:
  • Systematic card index of articles;
  • Periodic editions;
  • New editions;
  • „History of CSTU”;
  • Thematic card index:
    • «Computing engineering»
    • «Welding»
  • Research works of lecturers

All our departments are available to readers where they can borrow any text-book, scientific and methodical literature, journals, newspapers and have an access to e-sources of information.

Exhibition Hall

The exhibition gallery named after V. K. Bahin is located in the reading hall. Temporary displays and meetings are held there to illustrate magnificent works of art by local artists.

Библиотека ЧГДУ
Art exhibition at the library

Welcome to our library!