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International project «Innovation hybrid strategy of IT-outsourcing partnership with enterprises» 530319-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES.

Project acronym: «IHSITOP».

Project duration: October, 2012 – October, 2015.

Priority:  cooperation between universities and enterprises of Ukraine to improve IT-education, provision of IT-outsourcing services professional qualifications, development of virtual innovation space between the Ukrainian students, scholars and professionals in the IT field. The Project

The Coordinator: Technical University of Wildau, Germany.

Coordinator in Ukraine: Nataliya  Bilous, professor of Software engineering department.

Target group

Students, graduates, Trainees, teaching/administrative staff; top management of industry enterprises, Chambers of Commerce, UA enterprise LTD «Malibu-Sport».

Project goals and objectives

  • To implement hybrid partnership strategy between UA universities and enterprises under the European IT outsourcing experience
  • To create the basis for partnership between universities and business customers of outsourcing services, and ensuring its sustainable development



  • Development of IT outsourcing strategy and methodology
  • OSTPC and its agencies opening
  • IIS  OSTPC development, testing and implementation
  • Webinar holding
  • Summer school carrying out
  • Pilot project execution and handing-over
  • Mass media and Internet promotion of OSTPC activities
  • OSTPC productively working
  • Report documentation monitoring
  • On-line management and accounting

 Expected results

  • Strategy and methodology of IT-outsorsing creation
  • OSTPC opening
  • OSTPC integrated information system development (IIS OSTPC)
  • IT outsourcing specialists practical training
  • Complex training measure implementation
  • Pilot project implementation
  • Dissemination  results
  • Sustainability actions
  • Quality control and monitoring
  • Project management activities

Project coordinator in Ukraine: Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics