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Principal of the Centre:
PhD in Sciences, associate professor
Novomlynets Оleh Оleksandrovych

Postgraduate Education and Training Centre of Chernihiv State Technological University was established in 1991.

The main focus of postgraduate education center since 1991 was to train specialists in economics on the basis of higher education. Those who have vocational and incomplete higher education, or qualification of junior specialist can get further education at this center.

From 2003-2004 academic year, with the assistance of Professor, PhD in Economics Mykola Butko, the center offers Master’s degree in “State Administration” on the basis of Specialist degree. The Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship is entitled to provide this training.

Another focus of the Department is training, retraining and advanced training of the unemployed registered by Chernihiv Regional Employment Center, which we have been cooperating with since 1992.

Annual average number of students for the past ten years was 700-750 people.

The centre trained about 4000 professionals for various fields of industry.


Our graduates are able to: analyze economic and commercial activities, perform work on different areas of accounting using personal computers, apply the methods of economic analysis in the assessment of the financial condition of the site, the audit, explanations and advice on taxation, draw up the constituent project documents and contracts, understand all the accounting records, the foundation of marketing, management activities, price formation, financing and regulatory documents relating to accounting. It enables to work successfully in different fields of modern industry.


Today Postgraduate Education and Training Centre provides:

1. Master’s degree programm: 8.150101 "State Administration” specialization "Administrative Management" on the basis of Specialist and Master degree.
Training is conducted both on a commercial basis and for the state budget of Ukraine. Length of full- time course - 1 year, correspondence course - 1 year 10 months.
2. Retraining on the basis of complete higher education in the fields:
  • 7.050104 – Finance
  • 7.050106 – Accounting and Auditing
  • 7.050201 – Management of Organizations
Training is conducted on a commercial basis of training. Length of course - 2 years. Entry requirements - testing.

3. The training based on vocational education (educational qualification of Junior Specialist) offers:
  • 6.030508 – Finance and Credit
  • 6.030509 – Accounting and Auditing
  • 6.030510 – Accounting and Entrepreneurship
  • 6.030601 – Management
  • 6.050502 – Engineering mechanics
  • 6.050504 – Welding
  • 6.050701 – Electrical Engineering and Technologies
4.Advanced Education Programme for citizens ( Chernihiv Regional Employment Centre) - 2,5 months offers:
  • modern information technology in production;
  • financial analyst;
  • Web-design;
  • economics and business;
  • level 2 in gas welding