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On February 22, 2021, the opening session of the project “Retraining and social adaptation of military personnel and their family members in Ukraine. Integration of the Norway-Ukraine project model into the state system” took place at Chernihiv Polytechnic National University.

The Rector of CPNU, Oleh Novomlynets, the Head of NGO “Chernihiv European”, Hanna Dyvnych, and the project graduate, Volodymyr Myronenko who is the Chairman of the Coordination Council of ATO/JFO Veterans of Chernihiv Regional State Administration greeted the project attendees.  

Within three months, service members, ATO/JFO veterans and members of their families will undergo professional retraining in the field of Internet Technology, Web Design and Business English within the project “Norway-Ukraine”.

The project provides professional retraining for service members and members of their families in civilian specialties in demand in the labor market of Ukraine, assistance to project participants in legal and social adaptation to living conditions in civil society.

The project is social. Participation in the project is free. The main coordinator from Norway is NORD University. The main coordinator in Ukraine is the International Foundation for Social Adaptation. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ukrainian project partners fund the project.

We wish our attendees inspiration in mastering new knowledge!