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CHERNIHIV NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (Ukraine) in the framework of the project «Integrated Model of Competitive Higher Education in Ukraine within the Quadruple Helix Concept» invites to participate in the II International Research and Practice Conference «COMPETITIVENESS OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN THE CONDITIONS OF INFORMATION SOCIETY»

OCTOBER 11, 2019
Chernihiv, Ukraine
Conference directions

Section 1. Modernization of the higher education system in the conditions of information economy

1. Integration of  business enterprise sector, government, academia, and civil society in the conditions of information economy
2. The R&D potential for the national economy development
3. Models of commercialization of universities’ R&D
4. Social infrastructure as a base of the human capital development
5. Prospects of cooperation between higher education and innovation clusters 

Section 2. Internationalization of higher education: trends and challenges

1. Higher education internationalization strategies
2. Modern tools of development of higher education internationalization
3. Competitiveness of educational services in the context of internationalization
4. Organization of the study of international students in Ukraine
5. The culture of academic integrity of the world-class universities

Section 3. Development of students’ professional competences in the conditions of information society

1. Modern approaches and innovative teaching methods in higher education institutions: world best practices and Ukrainian peculiarities
2. Features of extra-curricular activities at higher education institutions
3. The models of development of students’ professional competences within the extra-curricular activities at universities: world best practices and Ukrainian peculiarities