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On May 29, 2018, the Business Forum “CIVIL SERVICE-EDUCATION-ENTREPRENEURSHIP: a Strategy of Interaction” took place in the walls of Chernihiv National University of Technology, where the importance of cooperation of the civil service, science and business for the comprehensive development of the state was discussed by the representatives of state authorities and local self-government, enterprises, institutions and partner organizations of the higher education institution, as well as its teaching staff, including those who are the flagship of scientific activity in the northern region of our country.

Chernihiv National University of Technology was honoured to welcome the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Oleksii Dniprov, the Head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, Kostiantyn Vashchenko, the First Deputy Head of Chernihiv Oblast State Administration, Yuliia Sviridenko and the First Deputy Head of Chernihiv Oblast Council, Valentyn Melnychuk.

The event was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the civil service in Ukraine, therefore the emphasis was on reforming public administration, the important role of civil service institutions in the country's development, and in making responsible decisions. One of the key points in this context is the professionalism of civil servants, which is impossible without their professional training.

In the opinion of Konstiantyn Vashchenko, civil servants have to acquire education throughout their lives in order to be competitive, to implement qualitatively and effectively the state policy in various spheres of life, to form a modern system of public administration based on the principles of good governance.

The head of the OPU Oleksii Dniprov noted that in Ukraine there are stable traditions of the civil service. The triangle state-business-education determines the vector and prospects of the state development: “Without a stable, strong civil service there can be no qualitative education. In turn, entrepreneurship and business cannot develop qualitatively without strong state institutions and education. Therefore, we must make every effort to respond to all the challenges faced by these three factors.”

Yuliia Sviridenko payed attention to the fact that foreign experience and domestic practice suggest that a key role in the development of entrepreneurship have three forces: the state - business - science: “It is safe to say that Chernihiv oblast has potential for further growth. We have strong scientific and technical base, scientists with a great deal of knowledge for further innovative development. However, we are not yet fully using the state, science and business cooperation.”

The development of cooperation between business and universities, in particular in the field of scientific research and development, is an unused to the end reserve for improving the competitive position of the oblast. One of the most striking examples of the practical implementation of scientific developments is the start-up of a young Chernihiv company Meredot, which created a smart outlet that eliminates the possibility of electric shock and works from Wi-Fi. Creation of this device became possible thanks to the cooperation between scientists of the Department of Industrial Electronics of Chernihiv National University of Technology and young entrepreneurs. Therefore, the University once again strengthened its status as a powerful locomotive of innovative development of Chernihiv region.

Yuliia Sviridenko also noted that she is optimistic that the Forum will become an impulse for the further development of cooperation between science, business and the authorities of the region.

The Business Forum programme provided discussion of several relevant topics: “Collaboration “Civil Service-Education-Business: Challenges of the Present”, “Partnership Development within the Quadrangle “Education-State-Business-Society”, “Innovative Management in Administrating Qualitative Changes in Business”, “Regional Business: From Creation and Development to Global Objectives”.

In the foyer of the University there was an exhibition organized, which presented the establishment and development of the civil service, as well as innovative developments of students and teachers of the institution.

Chernihiv National University of Technology is grateful to all participants of the Business Forum “CIVIL SERVICE-EDUCATION-ENTREPRENEURSHIP: a Strategy of Interaction”! We hope that the event has become a platform of effective communication for establishing a social dialogue on mechanisms for implementing the strategy of interaction between the most important public institutions: the state, education, science and business, the results of which will be a powerful stimulus to changes for the better in the Ukrainian state!