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In 2018, Chernihiv National University of Technology (CNUT) participated in  Global Money  Week for the first time. Its partners were the secondary schools of Chernihiv #6, 11, 15, 20 and College of Economics and Technology of the CNTU.

During the GMW 2018,51 students and 77 schoolchildren were engaged in various interesting educational events that helped them better  understand  the role of savings in achieving financial success in the future.

The GMW in CNUT was opened with the Financial Interactive Game "Steps to Success" on March,14 which was conducted in the form of a quest and consisted of five stations, each of which included different tasks of varying complexity. The usage of gaming methods helped to raise the level of financial awareness among schoolchildren about the importance of money in the modern world and to stimulate their interest in financial education as a key to making the right financial decisions in adult life. At the end of event a training-discussion on "How not to become a victim of fraudsters" was held both for schoolchildren and students. The participants competed in cleverness and ingenuity, received a memo with financial pieces of advice, gifts and certificates of participants at Global Money Week 2018, and also made bright photos for memory.

Furthermore, the Interactive Economic Simulation was  held in CNUT on March, 15 for the school youth to increase its awareness in decision-making mechanisms in the case of limited financial resources.  During the game participants had to make right decisions at the level of business, local communities and state authorities. Teachers, who accompanied their students, joined the simulation as journalists highlighting the debates. During the game the participants showed non-standard and creative approach to solving real economic situations, demonstrated high erudition and creative teamwork.

Additionally,  English speaking Interactive Workshop “Your Money, Your Future” was held by master level students for schoolchildren to help them better understand the principles of effective money management in the case of personal finance.

 Thanks to Selfie Contest "What is Money for You?” and  Drawing Contest of Posters "Money Matters Matter” the participants of Global Money Week 2018 in CNUT had the possibility to see a lot of interesting financial posters and photos at the gallery exhibition and in social media.

Useful financial knowledge, unforgettable positive emotions and drive are the main achievements of the Global Money Week 2018 in Chernihiv National University of Technology (Ukraine).