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On the 22d of November, 2017 the dissemination workshop "English as a second language in teaching activity" took place in Chernihiv National University of Technology within the framework of the British Council project “English for Universities”.  This workshop was organized for those university lecturers and academics of the university which have decided to go international and plan to adopt English Medium Instruction (EMI) into their special courses in the future.

Facilitating the workshop were the certified graduates of the British Council’s Winter and Summer Schools in English Excellence for EMI teachers Lyudmyla Remnova, Tetyana Syla, Khrystyna Shtyrkhun, Volodymyr Bazylevych, Dmytro Mekhed and Kateryna Hnedina. Their main mission during the workshop was to deliver innovative EMI teaching techniques that they have learned thanks to intensive training in Kiev and at the same time to develop workshop participants’ skills in using some of tools  in own  teaching practice.

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At the beginning of the workshop Lyudmyla Remnova, dean of the Faculty of Finance and Economics, explained to colleagues the peculiarities and difficulties of    EMI  teaching  in the case of  Ukraine   basing on the main findings of British Council’s experts within the project “English for Universities”. The most useful for workshop participants were six main EMI teachers’ strategies that help to ensure students’ comprehension of subject material. Taking into account the lower level of English and different level of English language in the same student’s class special attention was paid to the possibilities of   using mother language for  providing summaries or key parts of a lecture, clarifying  special  terms and basic formulas, using PowerPoint slides in L1  for a lecture given in English as well as   making bilingual glossaries.

Khrystyna Shtyrkhun, PhD in Economics, shared with workshop participants challenging ideas about EMI teaching of the course “Investment Management” together with Lyudmyla Remnova. She stressed the importance of innovative interactive teaching techniques and classroom dynamics for communicating information through English in the most effective way.  The role of team building was shown on the example of Marshmallow Challenge which was successfully practiced during the British Council Schools in English Excellence. Khrystyna’s presentation was really knowledgeable and gave a lot of new ideas for ways in which EMI teachers should improve interactive atmosphere in their class.  The workshop participant had an opportunity to watch the film about the experience of teaching the course “Investment Management” for Master students in Finance, Banking and Insurance during spring semester in 2017 ( The film provides a toolbox of interactive techniques, awareness of difficulties and possible EMI teaching strategies such as early supplying of  students with parallel content to the lecture on the electronic platform of distance learning Moodle, giving students PowerPoint slides as handouts, using video extracts, diagrams and illustrations to support input.

Feedback achieved from students shows that although it was difficult for them to study course in English and took  much more time and efforts for preparation  and  solving group case study   most of students  were highly motivated and significantly improved their spoken, listening and reading skills at the end of the course.

During the second part of workshop its participants presented themselves and declared their goals of visiting dissemination event. . Afterwards each of the attendees had a unique possibility to learn from Vоlodymyr  Bazylevych, PhD in Economics, how to use KAHOOT technique for checking students knowledge. The interactive atmosphere of that part of workshop was really very impressive. 

Finally all participants had an unforgettable experience of group interactive work under the supervision of EMI teachers Tetyana Syla, Dmytro Mekhed and Kateryna Hnedina. At the end of group sessions participants presented their common results, shared their opinions and impressions of EMI teaching workshop. We hope that such event was very useful for all attendees as it has given them inspiration, fresh ideas and the whole toolbox of effective EMI teaching techniques  that they can take back to their classroom.