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On January 15, 2016 the graduates defended their master theses in speciality 8.05070102 “Electric power systems and networks”. The theses contain scientific innovations and are focused on solving the actual challenges faced by electricity industry in Ukraine.

For example, practical implementation of works “How to choose measures for reducing corona discharge power loss in 330-750 kV power lines” by Zoryna Tymoshenko (advisor R. Buinyi) and “Improving the accuracy of measurement of active power losses in the grounding wire of overhead power lines” by Khrystyna Kaminska (advisor A. Krasnozhon) will help to cut the transportation losses of electric energy by 7%. The work “Constructing a simulator of 330 kV gas insulated switch” by Oleksiy Derkach (advisor A. Prystupa) helps to decrease the construction time of electric substations by almost 20%. The scientific principles and physical model developed in the thesis “Identification of places with line-to-ground fault with the help of GSM technology in transmission lines with isolated neutral” by Yevheniy Yatchenko (advisor V. Bezruchko) help to decrease the time (and, therefore, expenses) required to identify faults in electric networks by about 30%.

The state examination commission gave a high rating to all the master theses.

The department of electric systems and networks is proud of its graduates and wishes them well in their endeavours.