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The world manufacturer of electronic components Texas Instruments carries out the contest Analog Design Contest as a part of its university program. Students from all EU countries and some other countries, including Ukraine, can participate in it. This year to the event joined representatives from CSTU of "Electronic devices and systems" specialty.

Recently we received messages that all our student’s teams passed a preliminary review and allowed to participate in the competition. For a contest project each team will receive electronic components from the organizer on the amount equivalent to $100.

IE Department staff wishes success and brilliant performance in the contest to teams consisting of:
1. St. gr. PE-071 Pylnyk Ihor and Hordienko Denis with the project «Colour music installation-fountain», the project advisor - Savenko O.V.
2. St. gr. PE-071 Kalyta Artem and Kovinko Roman with the project «LED lighting driver», the project advisor - Revko A.S.
3. St. gr. PE-071 Tytelmayer Costiantyn, Naumov Dmitro and Hursa Vasyl with the project «Portable spectrum analyser», the project advisor - Ivanets S.A.

Twenty teams that will be recognized as the best in the first round of the competition (finishes on 30 September, 2012), will receive prizes of $1000.

In the second round (finishes on 31 October, 2012) winners will be determined. They will receive prizes of $10000 (first place), $5000 (second place), $2500 (third and fourth places).