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Olga Edwards, Coordinator of international cooperation with Eastern Europe HEIs of Glyndwr University visited Chernihiv State Technological University.

She met with the students of our University approved for study in Glyndwr University, Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom, according to the program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine “Students and postgraduates study, scientific and teaching stuff training in the leading higher education institution and scientific establishments abroad”.

In October, College of Economics and Technologies of Chernihiv State Technological University traditionally celebrates "Technologist’s Day". This year, students of ΙΙ and ΙΙΙ courses demonstrated their skills at the confectionary exhibition fair.

College of Economics and Technologies graduates will be able to continue their education in CSTU, as the University can offer them a wide range of specialties, in particular the recently opened specialty "Food Technologies and Engineering".

19-20 October, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine held at National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" the International scientific conference "High Technologies in Scientific Researches of Universities: Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials, Information Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Technologies of High Voltages".

Vice-Rector for Scientific Work, Dr. Sc., Professor Kasymyr V.V. represented Chernihiv State Technological University.

22 October, 2012, the Seminar for Ukrainian project-winners partners of the 5th contest Tempus IV was held at the Drahomanov National Pedagogical University. CSTU was represented at the seminar by First Rector, Dr. Sc., Professor Skorobohatova V.I. and Vice-Rector for Scientific Work, Dr. Sc., Professor Kasymyr V.V.

23 projects involving 53 Ukrainian educational establishments, including Chernihiv State Technological University, were selected to the list of projects recommended for funding by the European Union. CSTU is a member of the Project "Innovative Hybrid Strategy of IT-outsourcing Partnership with Enterprises".

17 October, 2012, in the assembly hall of Chernihiv State Technological the seminar for budget sphere accountants was held. It was organized by Ukrainian accounting club "Balance". More than 1,000 accountants from Chernihiv and Chernihiv region took part in it.

At the seminar, budget sphere accountants got practical explanations of current issues in treasury service, accounting, typical violations in estimate of budgetary institutions, identified during inspections of State Financial Inspection, and recommendations for their prevention.

16-18 October, 2012, Chernihiv State Technological University took part in the IV National Exhibition-Presentation "Innovation in Modern Education" held in the Exhibition Center "KyivExpoPlaza".

Our University represented to the participants and visitors of the exhibition its achievements in the implementation of modern means of training in the learning process, provided information on a number of scientific researches in various fields of science and technology, and familiarized with the University life. According to the result of the exhibition, the University received awards for an active development and implementation of innovative educational technologies.

16 October, 2012, in Chernihiv State Technological University Tempus «IEMAST» project was monitored. Director of the National Tempus Office in Ukraine Svitlana Shytikova, Monitoring Manager Olena Orzhel, “IEMAST” Project Coordinator in Ukraine Prof. Nikiforovych E., Head of Tempus Bureau NTUU "KPI" Perestiuk M., representatives of the Regional State Administration and State Department of Environmental Protection in Chernihiv region, and teachers from NTUU "KPI" and CSTU participated in the event.

16 October , the international scientific and practical Forum "Science and Business is the Basis of Economic Development" was held in Dnepropetrovsk. It was attended by representatives from 80 leading Universities of Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and 25 enterprises of various sectors of Ukrainian economy, including the delegation from Chernihiv State Technological University.

Chernihiv State Technological University represented the developments of professionals from Mechanic and Technology Faculty and Faculty of Electronic and Information Technologies. The work of the energy-efficient solar battery power control system, the device for lighting control automation, the GSM-logger, and the electronic voting system Mobile-Rada were visually demonstrated.

16 October, Chernihiv State Technological University cordially greeted the President of Ukraine of 1994-2005 Leonid Kuchma.

Together with the President, Chernihiv State Technological University visited Vice-Chairman of the Regional Council Valentyn Melnychuk, First Vice-Head of the Regional State Administration Stanislav Prokopenko, Mayor of Chernihiv Oleksandr Sokolov.

On the occasion of Teacher's Day the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych awarded teachers with state rewards of Ukraine for the significant personal contribution to the development of national education, qualified professionals training, long fruitful teaching activity, and high professionalism.

According to the Presidential Decree # 582/2012, Head of Machines Design Principles Department of Chernihiv State Technological University, D.Sc., Professor Pylypenko Oleh was awarded the Order “For Merits” of III degree.

We congratulate him and wish further success in scientific and educational activities!

Our University on the 21st-22nd of September 2012 took part in an important internetional Conference in Bolonia didicated to the XXIV Anniversary of the Signature of the Magna Charta.

During the Conference were highlited the Observatory acticities, modern enterprenerial universities and the  Magna Charta Universitatum tensions and synergies were discussed, the problem of Higher Education from International Perspectives and its purposes were debating, the problem of Higher Education from Stakeholders’ Perspectives was observed. The interventions from the Audience and Plenary Discussions took place after each session.

We hope that soon Chernihiv State Technological University will be concidered a new signatory to the Magna Charta Universitatum.

The students of Chernihiv State Technological University who had been studying in Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom, received Master's diplomas in Glyndwr University and returned home.

The study was held within the program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine “Students and postgraduates study, scientific and teaching stuff training in the leading higher education institution and scientific establishments abroad”.

Now Glyndwr graduates are having a hot time – Master’s works protection in our University. Another students and young teachers of CSTU are preparing to leave for study abroad, and the predecessors’ experience will be very useful for them.

17 - 21 September, 2012, the international scientific and technical Conference "Power Electronics and Energy Efficiency - 2012" was held in Alushta. It was attended by participants from the leading universities, scientific institutions and industrial enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, the U.S.A., Syria and other countries. PhD, Assistant Profeccor Husev O. and postgraduate Stepenko S. from Industrial Electronics Department of CSTU took part in it. Their reports in the section "Power Electronics Devices and Equipment" were considered to be the best.

Together with the conference, the meeting of scientific and methodical commission of 0508 Electronics course was held. Head of the Industrial Electronics Department of CSTU prof. Denysov Y. participated in it.

27 September, 2012, Chernihiv Mayor Oleksandr Sokolov visited CSTU. Mayor met with the administration and students of the University. They listened with interest the lecture on the implementation of city development programs, problems of the regional center and ways to overcome them.

After the lecture, during informal communication with students, Sokolov answered their numerous questions. Seniors were more interested in the employment after graduating the higher education establishments, and the implementation of youth housing programs. Freshers were asking about the prospects of the city development, and free Internet connection in education establishments.

10-13 September, the CSTU delegation visited Lodz University of Technology in order to establish cooperation between universities in education, and scientific and practical researches spheres.

The meetings results are the agreement to begin preparations for our University students receiving double diplomas: Ukrainian and Polish, the possibility to practice for exploring Lodz University of Technology and the higher education system, and cultural exchange.

PJSC “Ukrsotsbank”, UniCredit Bank™ announce the IX Ukrainian Student UniOlimpiad start. Its main goal is to help talented students to identify and develop their own abilities, create favorable conditions for professional realization, and attract gifted students to further work at the bank.

Students of IV and V courses of Economics, Finances, and Banking specialties from all national or private higher education institutions of Ukraine are invited to participate in the UniOlimpiad.

19-21 September, CSTU holds the XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference AS IHP "Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics".

Co-organizers of the event: Association of Specialists of Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics, National Aviation University, PJSC "Kyiv Central Design Bureau of Armature Building", Engineering Academy of Ukraine, Chernihiv Department of PJSC «SUN InBev Ukraine».

According to the results of the 2011-2012 academic year open Competition for the selection of the most talented and motivated students from the leading universities of Ukraine on the Scholarship Program "Zavtra.UA" one of the winners and scholar of the “Victor Pinchuk Fund - Social Initiative" became a student from Mechanical Engineering Faculty of "Welding" specialty Nesterenko Serhiy (gr. MZV-081).

His Supervisor was Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the Welding Department Novomlynets O.

We congratulate the winner and wish him further success!

Full-time students are invited to participate in the Second All-Ukrainian Competition of students’ projects in economic reforms.

Victory in the contest provides informing the leadership of the relevant ministries of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the profile committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine about reform projects, receiving diplomas of winners and valuable gifts from the competition organizers.

You may apply to participate in the new season of the Ukrainian Contest "Innovation Breakthrough - 2012." The main goal of the contest is to promote the development of innovation activity in Ukraine by uniting interests of investors, developers and enterprises for the successful implementation of new products and services.

Innovative projects are accepted from 15, August to 28, October at the competition website. The best projects will be presented to venture investors from Ukraine and the USA. The winner will receive an opportunity to develop his project in the business incubator HappyFarm.

Today Chernihiv State Technological University celebrates Knowledge Day, the feast of wisdom, kindness and humanity.

At 8 am the University widely opens the doors to its freshmen. On the square in front of the University glow smiles, sounds music, highly elevated plates with the names of faculties unite newcomers near their deans.

In 2012 CSTU has accepted in its ranks so many new students as never before. Today for the first time the University threshold crossed over a thousand freshmen.

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