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Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the work of the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Students’ Olympiad, that will be held at the Welding Department of Chernihiv State Technological University on 23 – 26 April, 2013.

According to the Decree of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine # 46 of 23 January, 2013, “On conducting All-Ukrainian Students’ Olympiad in the 2011/2012 academic year”, Welding Department of Chernihiv State Technological University is a basic department for carrying out the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Students’ Olympiad in Welding.

This workshop provides opportunity for all those interested in fiscal and monetary policy and economic growth to discuss their research and to exchange ideas. Researchers are invited to submit both empirical and theoretical papers that are broadly consistent with the workshop’s special theme.

The aim of the conference is to provide a context in which alternative strategies and models of growth for the European economy can be proposed, debated, evaluated and assessed by academics and policy makers alike.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the Oecomonica Timisiensis Foundation and the East-European Center for Research in Economics and Business (ECREB) are pleased to invite you to attend the first edition of the International Conference “Current Economic Trends in Emerging and Developing Countries” (TIMTED – 2013), which will be held from 6th to 8th June 2013, at the West University of Timisoara, Romania.

That was the problem discussed on 12 February, by participants of the "round table", carried out by the Labor Law and Social Security Law Department of Chernihiv State Technological University, and Chernihiv Regional Organization of the Union of Women of Ukraine, jointly with the Office of Family, Youth and Sports of Regional State Administration and the Federation of Trade unions of Chernihiv region.

The Polish-American Freedom Foundation and the Polish-American Fulbright Commission announce next open contest for candidates from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to obtain Lane Kirkland scholarships in the 2013/2014 academic year.

The program is aimed at young leaders with higher education who are interested in the development of democracy, economy and civil society in their countries and in the region.

19 February, 2013, a regular meeting of the Chernihiv Regional Students’ Council will be held.

The main issue put on for consideration will be working out and discussion of the draft laws of Ukraine "On Higher Education", registered in the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

Each student can join the discussion of the draft laws. The CSTU Students’ Council (room 113a, main building) is waiting for your constructive suggestions till 18 February, 2013.

6 February, in the Fulbright Program Office (Kyiv) was held a webinar / seminar on the Fulbright Program, where Vice-rector on scientific, pedagogical and educational work Novomlynets O.O. took part.

The webinar participants got acquainted with requirements to the contestant of the Fulbright Faculty Development Program (FFDP), selection criteria and stages of the competition, terms of the grant, peculiarities of the selection of American universities / research institutions for the finalists, and research opportunities of the program.

At the XI International V.M. Veniaminov’s Contest of students’ works on economics, management and informatics in economic sphere in Saint Petersburg, students of Economics Faculty of the Accounting and Auditing specialty Lomonosova A.M. and Darnopyh T.V. received a second-degree diploma for the paper "Comparative Analysis of Reasons for Auditor Modification for Accounting, Made According to the Special Rules in Ukraine and Russian Federation, when Threatened with Continuity of a Client’s Activity", the scientific supervisor of the work Cand. Sci. (Econ), Associate Professor Petrakov Y.V.

Student Vorona A.M. received a special diploma for the scientific paper "Some Aspects of the World Monetary System Functioning: Introduction of the United Reserve Currency", scientific supervisor of the work Cand. Sci. (Econ), Associate Professor Len V.S.

Students of Economics and Technology College, which is part of Chernihiv State Technological University, passed successfully state examinations and received diplomas.

College graduates can continue their study at CSTU by choosing a similar specialty from a wide range, offered by our University. It is worth to mention, that in a new academic year the University opens new areas of training.

6 February, 2013, in the lecture hall # 2 of the academic building # 8 of CSTU the Students’ Conference on the theme "Topical Problems of the Legal Social State Formation: Ukraine and World Experience' 2013" was held. In the conference participated 32 students of the Law Faculty.

The Conference was dedicated to the week of history and theory of the state and law, constitutional and administrative law.

Only 10 teams from the leading Ukrainian HEIs overcame all previous stages and will compete for the opportunity to represent Ukraine in the final of the International competition in Investment Researches CFA Institute Research Challenge 2012-2013 in London. The team of Chernihiv State Technological University is among them.

CHE-Team of CSTU consists of Master students Anastasia Snytko, Serhiy Hanzha and fourth year students Iuliia Bochok and Kateryna Chan of the "Accounting and Auditing" specialty has joined the Top-10 of teams participating in the national stage of the competition.

Preparing for the admission company in 2013, Chernihiv State Technological University opens new promising directions of students’ training.

A detailed analysis of the regional labor market enabled to reveal specialists of what area are of the greatest demand, and offer graduates of the 2013 academic year training in such spheres.

It has become a wonderful tradition to conduct in Chernihiv State Technological University on 25 January the Educational Ball "Gaudeamus igitur!".

Viennese Ball has been held at the University for the third year already. The organizers of the event were the CSTU leadership.

The participants of the grace and beauty party were dancing the quadrille, waltz with a fan, mambo, Argentine tango, quick-step, foxtrot, polonaise and polka. It should be mentioned that the difference of this Ball from the previous ones was its fairytale theme, namely Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

In 2012 the Program by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine “Students’ and postgraduates’ study, scientific and teaching stuff training in the leading higher education institution and scientific establishments abroad” was extended. The CSTU teachers Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Associate Professor Boyko Serhiy, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Associate Professor Prystupa Anatiliy and Associate Professor Horbatko Oksana in October-December 2012 were trained at the Glyndwr University, Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom.

The teachers, trained in 2012 at the Glyndwr University, express their sincere gratitude to the CSTU leadership and personally to Rector Shkarlet Sergey for support, help and pieces of advice in organizing the trip, to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine and to the Government of Ukraine for the opportunity to exchange experience with the leading foreign educational establishments, to conduct scientific researches and to master innovative unique technologies in various fields of science and technology.

Within the realization of the National Program of promotion small entrepreneurship and fulfillment of the National Plan on economic reforms of 21 December 21, 2012, in CSTU was held a free seminar for students on the issues of implementation of entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs and the general public, especially on starting and running the own business, using permitted procedures, registration, licensing, realization of regulatory policy.

December 3-5, 2012, students of the Social Work Faculty of Chernihiv State Technological University Budnik H. (MSP-081) and Herasymenko Y. (MSP-081) had an opportunity to participate in the Information and Educational Project "Friendship Train", held in Minsk and Brest, the Republic of Belarus.

The Project primary goal is to promote volunteerism as a way of strengthening human values, forming charity ideals, raising public consciousness about the volunteerism importance, exchanging experience between voluntary organizations.

December 10, the whole world celebrates Human Rights Day. Prior to that date, on December 4, 2012, at the Juridical Faculty of Chernihiv State Technological University (50 Years VLKSM str., 1b) was held the round table meeting on "Social and Legal Mechanism of Human Rights Protection in Ukraine." It was organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of Chernihiv region and the Department of Labor Law and Social Security Law of the Juridical Faculty of CSTU.

To International Day of People with Disability (December 3) at the Faculty of Social Work of Chernihiv State Technological University initiated by Public Organization "Chernihiv City Association" Concordia "" was held the Scientific and Practical Conference "Inclusive Upbringing - Inclusive Education: Current Realities and Development Prospects".

November 27-30, 2012, in Cherhihiv State Technological University is being held an International Student Competition on Computer Simulation among users of ASCON software products.

November 23, in the regional center were held ceremonies on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Chernihiv region creation and 210th anniversary of the Chernihiv province foundation.

Chernihiv State Technological University presented there its scientific researches in Computer Technology and Power Saving branches.

For an outstanding personal contribution to science development and a long hard work professors of Chernihiv State Technological University were awarded honors: Pylypenko Oleh, Head of the Machinery Design Basis Department, was awarded the Order “FOR MERITS” of III degree and Kalchenko Vitalii, Head of the Integrated Technology of Machinery Design and Automobiles Department, was awarded the honorary title “HONORED WORKER OF SCIENCE AND TECNOLOGY OF UKRAINE”.

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