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On April 3, 2013 Chernihiv State Technological University again hosted a lot of guests - 10-11th grade school students from Chernihiv.

This year the university holds ‘Open Days’ a few times responding to the rising public interest in the new specialties being opened at Chernihiv State Technological University. The university administration has met the future applicants’ demand and invitations are being sent to the city and region schools according to the schedule. The school leavers Year 2013 have got a lot of questions to be answered substantively.

This time schools N 7, 9-16, 18-21, 23 were invited. In the university lobby each graduating department presented its field of training in the form of research projects, case studies, mock-up machines, etc. Future entrants had a chance to talk to the university teachers and students.

The Institute of Strategic Assessment (ISO) under Leonid Kuchma’s Presidential Fund of "Ukraine" on the topic: "Ukraine of XXI century: civilized choice' announces a students’ competition on the subject: "Ukraine of XXI century: civilized choice."

The competition aims at finding out students’ attitude to the priorities of the foreign policy of Ukraine, in particular, its non-aligned status and the strategy of European or Eurasian integration in view of the current dynamic economic and political realities worldwide.

The current competition is the fifth large-scale event, conducted by the Institute with active participation of the leading universities of Ukraine.

It was successfully preceded by the other competitions on the subjects: "Ways out of the crisis" (2009), "Let’s make Ukraine energy saving" (2010), "Ukraine: 20 years of the state building" (2011) and "The natural farming of Ukraine – the way to the nation’s health and well-being" (2012) with the participation of the students of Chernihiv State Technological University.

On March 18 - 28 2013 the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" held the Spring course "Innovation for Sustainable Development" for postgraduate students and young scientists organized in the frame of the project TEMPUS "CREDO". The course was aimed at mastering new technologies for sustainable development, such as Backcasting, Constructive Technology Assessment and Framework for Innovation Systems analysis. The lectures were delivered by the teachers of Technical University of Delft (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands), Royal Technical Institute (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI" and the members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

On March 28-29, 2013 the second round of the All-Ukrainian competition of student research in the field of "Welding" was hold at Ternopil Ivan Pul'uj National Technical University.

Chernihiv State Technological University was represented by Sergey Shkardybarda, a student of the Mechanical Engineering Department (group МЗВ-081) with the research into "Improving the technology of dissimilar material diffusion welding by using electro spark doping" (supervisor - Associate Professor Hanyeyev T. R.). This research is a continuation of the co-operation between the Department of Welding of Chernihiv State Technological University and I. M. Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv).

The research presentation was highly appreciated by the competition committee and was awarded the Diploma of II Degree.

Congratulations to the winner and the Department of Welding!

On March 28 the Faculty of Social Work received cordially the volunteers from the far Great Britain. The faculty teachers and students welcomed the guests with hot tea and warm smiles in a friendly informal atmosphere. The colleagues in volunteer movement had the opportunity to meet, socialize, and share their experiences and emotions.

On March 26-27, 2013 Chernihiv State Technological University hosted the final scientific and practical conference of the II - round of the All-Ukrainian competition of student research works on engineering.

Catherine Kozhedub, a student of Chernihiv State Technological University (supervisor - Akimov A.A. PhD) was awarded the Diploma of II Degree.

Chernihiv State Technological University has been included into the group of the leading technical universities G2 - SFU-TU (Universities focused on technics and technologies) of the first professional international program "Global World Communicator. Education and Science "of the International Council of Scientists.

The International Council of Scientists is a nongovernmental organization whose members are prominent scientists, representatives of the universities and research centers around the world. It is engaged in the development of education and science, technology and humanitarian progress. The main goals of the Council is developing the criteria and methods of the educational institutions assessment, as well as direct conducting of the assessment process and rating educational establishments.

Chernihiv State Technological University congratulates its rector on a high reward!

Today, the Minister of Education and Science Dmytro Tabachnik has presented the Rector of Chernihiv State Technological University, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Serhii Shkarlet with the badge and certificate of "Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine."

This honorable title was awarded to Serhii Shkarlet according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych for his outstanding personal contribution to the national science, enhancing the scientific and technological potential of Ukraine and many years of conscientious work.

According to the decision of the Academic Council of Chernihiv State Technological University (Minutes № 2 of 25.02.2013) and Order N 21 of 26.02.2013 a new department of "Biomedical Radio Electronic Devices and Systems" has been created within the Faculty of Electronic and Information Technologies.

The department of Biomedical Radio Electronic Devices and Systems will be graduating for the experts in specialty 6.050902 "Radio Electronic Devices," with the training license received by Chernihiv State Technological University this year.

On March 19, 2013 Chernihiv State Technological University hosted a lot of guests - senior students from Chernihiv schools and their parents.

This year the university holds ‘Open Days’ a few times responding to the rising public interest in the new specialties being opened at Chernihiv State Technological University. The university administration has met the future applicants’ demand and invitations are being sent to the city and region schools according to the schedule.

From 25 February, 2013 till 06 March, 2013 in the CSTU gym was held a tournament in footzal among faculties according to the program of XI Summer Universiade 2013. The winner of the tournament became the team of Mechanical Engineering Faculty. The second place took the Law Faculty team and the third place won the team of the Management and Entrepreneurship Faculty.

According to the results of the survey among fans, the best player of the tournament was Volodymyr Tyshchenko (Law Faculty). Diuba Ihor (Management and Entrepreneurship Faculty) became the best scorer, and the best goalkeeper was Vinichenko Dmytro (Mechanical Engineering Faculty).

On Thursday, 14 March, at 18:05 on a TV channel "New Chernihiv" in program "MediaKratiia" will be held a live broadcast dedicated to Chernihiv State Technological University. You can learn about news of the University, life of the faculties and students first-hand. Special news will be provided for our applicants.

The Third All-Ukrainian Contest of Student Projects on Economic Reforms has started.

The participation in the competition provides young talented people with an opportunity to realize their intellectual potential and join the advisory bodies of the higher state institutions in Ukraine, as well as expand economic outlook and promote professional development.

In Chernihiv State Technological University has launched traditionally "Shevchenko’s Spring" dedicated to the 199-th anniversary of the Kobzar’s birth. On this occasion in the University is held a number of events, one of which is a campaign "Put on Vyshyvanka", initiated by CSTU Students’ Council. Organizers of the event are confident that next year all students of the University will wear embroideries, and later on to support young people from other educational establishments of Chernihiv will support their initiative.

Training Centre for standardized exams TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, SAT announces the contest to receive partial and full scholarship for training courses TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, SAT.

Besides, students and other applicants, who live in the regions of Ukraine and are willing to participate in any intensive monthly course, WILL RECEIVE THE SCHOLARSHIP for residence in Kyiv during the entire period of study.

The applications are submitted till 7 March, 2013!

Arsenii Yatseniuk’s Foundation "Open Ukraine" on the eve of the 6th Kyiv Security Forum starts essay contest for youth. Winners will be invited to participate in the forum this year, held 18-19 April, 2013 in Kyiv. It is dedicated to the topic "Security in a Dangerous World".

Students of the senior courses, postgraduates, junior research workers, representatives of youth and public organizations under age of 35, who are interested in issues of international relations and foreign policy, international security and related humanities, are invited to participate in the contest.

On the eve of social justice day in CSTU was held "Week of Social Justice", which lasted from 18 February, 2013 till 22 February, 2013.

During this Week a number of events were held, in which students and teachers were involved. The Week started with the opening of radio newspaper "Justice is the Highest Social Value", carrying out a survey among students.

Students participated actively in the number of events of the Week, as this topic leaves no one indifferent.

4 March, 2013, in Chernihiv State Technological University will be held an event “Put on Vyshyvanka”, initiated by the Rectorate and the Students’ Council. It will be dedicated to the 199-th anniversary of the Kobzar’s birth.

Ukrainian embroidery is a primordial symbol of the Ukrainian nation’s spirituality. Its patterns reflect our history, our vision of the world and spiritual wealth.


19 February, 2013, the meeting of the Chernihiv Regional Board of the Ukrainian Student Council was held. Students’ leaders of all higher education institutions in our region form this Council.

During a long discussion, students discussed all the "pros" and "cons" of the submitted draft laws "On Higher Education". As a result, the most rational and appropriate to the realities of today was recognized to be the draft law # 1187 of 28 December, 2012 (authors - Kivalov S.V., Kaletnik H.M., Soroka M.P.).

CSTU student of the Social Work Faculty Dvorachenko Tetiana was appointed an academic scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the 1st semester of 2012-2013 academic year.

Such scholarships are assigned to encourage the most talented students and create more favorable conditions for obtaining higher education by youth.

13 February, 2013, in Chernihiv State Technological University in the presence of senior students, teachers and the media representatives was held a meeting where research and teaching staff of the University presented their results of the internship abroad in October-December, 2012, at Glyndwr University, Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom.

For three months Serhiy Boyko, Anatolii Prystupa and Horbatko Oksana have been getting acquainted with the peculiarities of British education, obtaining new knowledge, exchanging experience and conducting scientific researches, and mastering the latest, unique technology in the field of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy.

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