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Chernihiv regional newspaper ‘Desnians’ka Pravda’ of October, 27 published the exclusive interview given by the Minister of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine Dmytro Tabachnyk to Chernihiv journalists.

In the interview the Minister particularly noted the high level of training provided by CSTU, active introduction of new directions of training and almost hundred-per-cent employment of its graduates.

Territorial center of social service sent the Rector of CSTU the note of thanks commending the teachers and students of the faculty of social work for their help in organization of concerts for war and labor veterans, for activities of volunteer social organization ‘Dovira’.

Theoretical and practical seminar ‘The University – to city schools’ took place in CSTU on November, 4 2011. Administrators of city schools and representatives of Chernihiv City Board of Education were invited.

Pressing issues of early vocational guidance of young people were being discussed as well as prospect of cooperation of educational institutions for training well-educated and competitive professionals.

On November, 4 2011 the meeting with vice-rectors of high educational establishments took place at Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine. Important questions concerning training of students, in-depth training of postgraduates and teachers in leading educational institutions abroad were being discussed there.

The vice-rector of scientific work, PhD in Sciences, Professor Kazymyr V.V. participated in the meeting.

The students of Chernihiv State technological University who were assigned by the state to study abroad, sent the note of thanks to Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine. They thanked for possibility to study free of charge for master’s degree at Glyndŵr University.

At 7 p.m on November, 10 2011 in Chernihiv city Palace of Culture the final of regional stage of All-Ukrainian contest “Ukraine’s best student’ takes place. There Chernihiv’s best student is to be identified.

The main competition is to get the title ‘The best student (complex testimonial)’, but also the winners in nominations ‘The best ICT student’, ‘The best student-researcher’, ‘The best student-sportsman’, ‘The best student dealing with media’, ‘The best student-designer’, and ‘The best student-public figure’ are to be identified.

Come and give support to competitors – representatives of our University.

On October, 27-28 2011 the scientific conference ‘Effectiveness increase of operating of power supply networks’ under the aegis of the Department of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, NEC ‘Ukrenergo’, ‘Chernihivoblenergo’, Institute of electrodynamics NAS of Ukraine took place in Chernihiv State Technological University.

From 10 a.m to 2 p.m. on October, 24 All-Ukrainian student referendum concerning education reforms took place in Chernihiv State Technological University. It was initiated by several All-Ukrainian youth public organizations.

Chernihiv regional newspaper ‘Desnians’ka Pravda’ published the article about the meeting of the Head of Chernihiv Regional State Administration Volodymyr Khomenko with the students of CSTU who are going to study abroad.

Reed the article “ Десант до Глінворда” ("Деснянська правда" №117(28231))

On October, 20 the meeting with 6-th year students of Chernihiv State Technological University going to study abroad took place in Chernihiv Regional State Administration. Congratulating eight best students of the University, the Head of RSA Volodymyr Khomenko said: ‘Your study abroad shows how our state cares of its future. It also reveals high appreciation of teachers’ work of Chernihiv region’.

On October, 18-20 2011 Chernihiv State Technological University took part in the third National exhibition-presentation ‘Innovation in Modern Education’. It was organized by Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine, National Academy of Pedagogical Science and the company ‘Vystavkovyi Svit’.

CSTU was awarded silver medal in nomination ‘Innovative use of ICT in education’, Rector of CSTU, PhD in Economics, prof. S. Shkarlet and vice-rector of scientific work, PhD in Sciences, prof. V. Kazymyr got prizes and awards.

Annual scientific conference ‘Modern Aspects of Engineering Education’ takes place in Chernihiv State Technological University under the aegis of methodological committee on mechanical engineering together with Institute of innovative technologies MSEYS of Ukraine.

On October,14 2011 at the regular meeting of Chernihiv Regional Student Council elections of chairman, deputy chairman and secretary of this organization were held.

At the meeting the 4-th year student of Economical faculty, the chairman of Student Council of CSTU Zavhorodnia Natalia was elected deputy chairman of CRSC.

We congratulate you and wish you good luck.

From September, 28 to October, 2 2011 in Kherson State University the 1-st stage of All-Ukrainian school of youth trade union leader was held by Association of human rights organizers of students of Ukraine together with trade union of teachers and scientists and federation of trade unions of Ukraine.

About 210 youth leaders took part in work of school. 63 of them are working young peple. Our students – representatives of faculty of management – Hrechko Olha and Parkhomenko Natalia were among the participants.

Local Cisco Net Academy was opened in Chernihiv State Technological academy together with Cisco Systems company, world-known leader in networking for the Internet.

The syllabus of Cisco Net Academy gives opportunity to teachers and students to study information necessary for passing CCNA exam. This certificate offers advantages on labor market.

The 5-th year student of the faculty of social work Anna Pal’kova-Svirchevs’ka took part in a training course «Frequently asked questions – Competence Building Trainig Course Within East-West-East Network» as a part of the program «Youth in action». It took place in Poland on September 22-27.

The aim of the event was to evaluate the activity of East-West-East Network, to revise aims and tasks of East-West-East Network and to improve young leaders’ skills in conducting sessions of informal training.

Viennese Ball, who came to us from the beautiful capital of stars - Vienna, has become a traditional annual holiday in many capitals of Europe and adopted the best traditions of grand balls of old Austria.

Following the tradition of famous Viennese Ball, Chernihiv State Technological University intends to hold the second educational masquerade "Gaudeamus igitur!"on January 25, 2012 .
If you want to participate in the celebration of grace and beauty, great music and fabulous atmosphere fill in the ball member application form and send it to the address Application forms are accepted until October 1.

The prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov greeted the students who received grants for master degree training at the most prestigious universities of Europe and the USA at the Government House on September 15.

Among them there were the representatives of the students’ community of Chernihiv State Technological University, who won the contest held among the graduate students, the researchers and the teachers of higher educational establishments of Ukraine to get the right for training and internships at leading universities and research institutions abroad.

VI International conference “Mathematical simulation and simulation modelling of systems. MODS ‘2011” started at Chernihiv State Technological University.

The conference is a part of events established by Law of Ukraine “About National Informatization Programme” № 2684-ІІІ (2684-14) and the plan of scientific-organizational events by National Academy of Science and Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine.

The aim of the conference is to share the experience of scientific research, organizational and practical work concerning modern aspects of mathematical simulation and simulation modelling of systems in ecology, manufacturing and information technologies.

Since June, 14 2011 International conference “Challenges and strategical cues of state administration human potential development” has been started in Chernihiv region.

The aim of the conference is to share the results of scientific researches and practical experience in the area of leadership and human potential development in state administration taking into account challenges caused by the processes of social transformation and economic development.

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