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In 2018, Chernihiv National University of Technology (CNUT) participated in Global Money Week for the first time. Its partners were the secondary schools of Chernihiv #6, 11, 15, 20 and College of Economics and Technology of the CNTU.

During the GMW 2018,51 students and 77 schoolchildren were engaged in various interesting educational events that helped them better understand the role of savings in achieving financial success in the future.

We are pleased to invite you to the Fourth International Research and Practice Conference «Ukraine – EU. Modern Technology, Business and Law» that is organized by Chernihiv National University of Technology (Ukraine) jointly with national and international partners.
The Conference will be held on April 24 – 28, 2018 in the location Slovak Republic – Czech Republic.

On the 22d of November, 2017 the dissemination workshop "English as a second language in teaching activity" took place in Chernihiv National University of Technology within the framework of the British Council project “English for Universities”. This workshop was organized for those university lecturers and academics of the university which have decided to go international and plan to adopt English Medium Instruction (EMI) into their special courses in the future.

Facilitating the workshop were the certified graduates of the British Council’s Winter and Summer Schools in English Excellence for EMI teachers Lyudmyla Remnova, Tetyana Syla, Khrystyna Shtyrkhun, Volodymyr Bazylevych, Dmytro Mekhed and Kateryna Hnedina. Their main mission during the workshop was to deliver innovative EMI teaching techniques that they have learned thanks to intensive training in Kiev and at the same time to develop workshop participants’ skills in using some of tools in own teaching practice.


Chernihiv National University invites for study!

Admission for Bachelor Programe Management in Production Sphere (in English) for the spring semester (March 1st - June 30th, 2018) is open.

Deadline for applications is February 1st, 2018.

In September 18-29, 2017 within the framework of activity of EU Informational Centre at CNUT, under the guidance of associate professor Aliona Revko, students and teachers of Chernihiv National University of Technology studied the free English course Social Entrepreneurship School IBS”, taught by the university partner - Norwegian Professor, Dr. Jan-Urban Sandal, the founder and manager of Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute.

As a result of the course, 17 participants received certificates in three disciplines: “Social Entrepreneurship”, “Innovation Management” and “Strategic Management”, and diplomas about being awarded the title “Social Entrepreneur IBS”.

8 best graduates of the Social Entrepreneurship School IBS received grants for scientific internship in the Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute (Norway). This year these are 5 teachers and 3 students of the University. During the internship, participants will have the opportunity to use materials from the scientific library of the Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute, write and publish English-language articles in international editions, as well as present their reports at the International Scientific Symposium.

Chernihiv National University of Technology offers Bachelor and Master degree courses taught in English.

Business Administration. The objective of this study programme is to educate specialists capable of working as middle level officers in business corporations and as assistants to top managers in various organisations, especially in business corporations. Its aim is to create high-potential specialists capable of working effectively in global business regardless of the situation, business location or culture. Students learn and train how to recognize and define business problems and how to address them with different methods and techniques to manage processes in a company.

Management. The programme enables students to acquire knowledge in the field of management methods and techniques, qualifications and skills useful for supporting management functions an enterprise. The graduates are to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to use appropriate management methods and tools, including financial and accounting techniques used for supporting management processes in professional and ethical way.

Applied Mechanics. This specialization is devoted to the execution, operation and project management. It is focused on the technology and organizations of building works including computer techniques, selection of materials, construction, service, and protection of buildings and engineering structures. The programme deals with construction process of typical buildings or modernization, repair and adaptation of existing buildings, and production process of components or construction products.

Computer Engineering. The programme includes algorithms analysis, network programming and distributed systems, advanced databases, internet portals. The graduates of this programme will possess: knowledge of the rudiments in Computer Science that enables them to solve computer problems single-handed and implement their solutions, proficiency in programming, the understanding of computer's specification and complexity, basic skills in preparation, implementation and verification of computer software, ability to use computer tools in practice and knowledge that enables fast adaptation to dynamically changing computer reality.


APRIL, 3-7, 2017

Generalization of best practices of scientists on actual issues and aspects of collaboration between Ukraine and the European Union in the fields of modern engineering, support of sustainable development, innovations in education, in social work in the aspects of psychology, philosophy, sociology, as well as the theory and practice of law, interdisciplinary approaches and modern views on the prospects in the fields of economics, management, social development and environmental protection.

Chernihiv National University invites for study!

To become a student of Chernihiv National University you need to:

Educational platform is the organizer of the essay competition „Education of the Future”.

The purpose of the essay competition “Education of the Future” is to raise awareness about the online education among young people.
The winner will receive a scholarship of 2000 USD. The participants who will take 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded with the amount of 1000 USD and 500 USD respectively.

The winners will be selected through an open voting on the website of educational platform Preply.

SAGE Journals is an online platform that includes contemporary scientific journals from the following disciplines:

  • Health Sciences
  • Life & Biomedical Sciences
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Social Sciences & Humanities

SAGE Journals platform offers useful tools and resources to libraries, individual users, societies and their members, as well as authors that wish to publish their articles. Normally access to full articles on the platform is on the paid basis. However, SAGE Journals often allows free access to journal content, including articles or issues for a limited time.


On January 15, 2016 the graduates defended their master theses in speciality 8.05070102 “Electric power systems and networks”. The theses contain scientific innovations and are focused on solving the actual challenges faced by electricity industry in Ukraine.

The state examination commission gave a high rating to all the master theses.

The department of electric systems and networks is proud of its graduates and wishes them well in their endeavours.

On January 26, 2016 a Roundtable “European Union – Eastern Partnership: cooperation in the field of education and science” is organized in CNUT.


The aim of the event: to identify priority areas of cooperation between Poland, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Georgia and Ukraine for 2016 in the field of academic mobility of students and scientific-pedagogical workers, scientific-research work and expansion of the network of international partnership between educational and scientific institutions.

April 19 – 23, 2016
SLOVAK Republic-Poland

Generalization of best practices of scientists on actual issues and aspects of collaboration between Ukraine and the European Union in the fields of modern engineering, support of sustainable development, innovations of social work in the aspects of psychology, philosophy, sociology, as well as the theory and practice of law, interdisciplinary approaches and modern views on the prospects in the fields of economics, management, social development and environmental protection.

A media the institute IEEE has recognized the Petcube (Ukrainian Start-Up project) among the seven coolest home gadgets! We are full of proud for our graduate of the Department of Industrial Electronics of Chernihiv National University of Technology – Igor Belarus, who is a Head of hardware department in Petcube.


Польсько-Американський Фонд Свободи, Фонд «Боруссія», Коллегія Східної Європи ім. Яна Новака-Єзьоранського, запрошують активних студентів з Білорусі, Молдови, України та Російської Федерації (з Калининградської, Новгородської, Ленинградської областей та міста Санкт-Петербург) взяти участь у Програмі Study Tours to Poland (STP).

Chernihiv National University of Technology congratulates students of the Faculty of Electronic and Information Technologies, Yana Ivanova and Roman Hrushchak, who have successfully passed the final selection of participants of the Internship Programme of German Business for Ukraine.

Good luck!

International Students Scientific Conference Honoring to the 80th Anniversary of Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, September 25-27, 2015

  • Faculty of Economics and Business
    Contemporary problems of Social-Economic Development
  • Faculty of Humanities
    Language and Culture
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Health Care
    The Human and Environment
  • Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
    People in a Globalizing World
  • Tourism Faculty
    Sustainable Tourism: Economics and Business
  • Technological Faculty
    Modern Technology Problems
  • Faculty of Physics-Mathematics and Computer Sciences
    Applied Sciences in the Modern World
  • Faculty of Law
    Modern Trends in the Development of Law
  • Faculty of Education
    Section of Education

During April - May 2015 Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Kyiv School of Economics and Universitetet i Nordland have launched business educational program “Young Entrepreneurs – Norwegian-Ukrainian Business Development”. Among over 100 applicants 16 young entrepreneurs were selected to become a part of Ukrainian-Norwegian cooperation, with Alexander Lozitskyi, STU alumni, one of lucky ones.

2016-2017 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program for Mid-Career Professionals
Application Deadline: 5:00 PM on June 29, 2015
All applications must be completed and submitted electronically.
About the Humphrey Fellowship:
Description: The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship provides non-degree academic study and related professional experiences in the United States to mid-career professionals in specified fields.  The Fellowship offers valuable opportunities for professional development through selected university courses (duration:8 months), conference attendance, networking, and mandatory practical work experiences (duration:3 months).  During the year, Fellows pursue both their individual program goals and work closely with their Humphrey colleagues in workshops and seminars. 
Host institutions: Eighteen major universities in the United States host Humphrey Fellows. These host universities are chosen for their excellence in the Program's designated fields of study and for the resources and support they offer Humphrey Fellows.

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