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APRIL, 3-7, 2017

Generalization of best practices of scientists on actual issues and aspects of collaboration between Ukraine and the European Union in the fields of modern engineering, support of sustainable development, innovations in education, in social work in the aspects of psychology, philosophy, sociology, as well as the theory and practice of law, interdisciplinary approaches and modern views on the prospects in the fields of economics, management, social development and environmental protection.

Chernihiv National University invites for study!

To become a student of Chernihiv National University you need to:

Educational platform is the organizer of the essay competition „Education of the Future”.

The purpose of the essay competition “Education of the Future” is to raise awareness about the online education among young people.
The winner will receive a scholarship of 2000 USD. The participants who will take 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded with the amount of 1000 USD and 500 USD respectively.

The winners will be selected through an open voting on the website of educational platform Preply.

SAGE Journals is an online platform that includes contemporary scientific journals from the following disciplines:

  • Health Sciences
  • Life & Biomedical Sciences
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Social Sciences & Humanities

SAGE Journals platform offers useful tools and resources to libraries, individual users, societies and their members, as well as authors that wish to publish their articles. Normally access to full articles on the platform is on the paid basis. However, SAGE Journals often allows free access to journal content, including articles or issues for a limited time.


On January 15, 2016 the graduates defended their master theses in speciality 8.05070102 “Electric power systems and networks”. The theses contain scientific innovations and are focused on solving the actual challenges faced by electricity industry in Ukraine.

The state examination commission gave a high rating to all the master theses.

The department of electric systems and networks is proud of its graduates and wishes them well in their endeavours.

On January 26, 2016 a Roundtable “European Union – Eastern Partnership: cooperation in the field of education and science” is organized in CNUT.


The aim of the event: to identify priority areas of cooperation between Poland, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Georgia and Ukraine for 2016 in the field of academic mobility of students and scientific-pedagogical workers, scientific-research work and expansion of the network of international partnership between educational and scientific institutions.